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Definition of Discrimination


 APPEARANCE DISCRIMINATION Discrimination against a person because of their weight, body art, their style of dress, and even their hairstyle is a far too common practice in the American workplace. Companies who engage in such discriminatory practices as hiring and promoting based on appearance are now beginning to face more lawsuits than ever. A person’s appearance can influence not only the hiring process, but wages, promotions and sometimes benefits as well.

This type of discrimination not only refers to unfair treatment of the overweight and those with tattoos, but to people deemed “too attractive” or “too ugly” to be taken seriously in their job. Sometimes women who are too feminine are denied jobs that employers feel are to “tough,” while some women who are not considered attractive are passed over for prettier women in jobs that involve customer or client interaction.

While there are currently no federal laws on the books that specifically protect employees suffering appearance discrimination, not all hope is lost. Many lawyers will represent these individuals based in part on the results of some recent court cases.

·         Waitresses sued a casino that forced them to undergo weekly weigh-ins

·         A chain store was sued over their policy of no facial jewelry (except earrings) by an employee on the grounds of religious beliefs

As more and more of these appearance-based cases go to court, it is likely that the future will see protective legislation.
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