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Definition of Discrimination

 DISCRIMINATION LAWYER Federal law protects all employees when it comes to different forms of discrimination.  When an employee suffers from any sort of employment discrimination, whether it is because of age, race, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or some other form of discrimination, he or she may wish to hire a lawyer who is an expert in these sorts of cases.

When hiring an attorney, the employee should document the discriminatory event in as much detail as possible as shortly after the event as possible, as this will assist the attorney in determining the strength of the case and what, if anything, the employee is likely to recover.

A well-versed discrimination lawyer knows the federal and state laws and what the employee can hope to recover, as well as the results of current, similar cases. Sometimes the federal and state laws differ. In California, for example, an employee fired for reasons of discrimination may sue to recover the following:

·     Lost wages

·     Lost benefits

·     Future lost wages – this applies only until
employee finds another job

·     Future lost benefits – like future lost
wages, this applies only until the
employee finds another job with benefits

·     General damages

·     Punitive damages

·     Attorney fees

Employees should do their research, making sure they find not only a qualified discrimination attorney, but also one that they can afford.  If you believe that your job rights have been violated you have the right to file a charge of discrimination. This is a required step before you are allowed to file a discrimination lawsuit. 
Click here to get help now.  You may deserve compensation.

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